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Posted on 05-28-2017

Spring Into Health With Acupuncture Cupping

After a bit of a longer colder winter on the West Coast we are ready for summer. This year spring has been slow, the ground has been slow to warm, the plants have been a little behind schedule and the weather a little all over. People are craving some consistent sunshine and warmer temperatures. Our bodies are looking for the warming of spring and summer to thaw out a bit. 

This year the temperature has taken a little longer to warm up, resulting in more spring colds, more pain in our bodies - headaches, muscle aches, even a little impatience and irritability. In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring brings an energy of moving up and out. We can’t make the warm sun stay, or the winds a little warmer, but we can use TCM to help move the coldness up and out of our bodies.

A great technique to help with your health this spring is Cupping. Cups are gently suctioned onto the skin, pulling the skin and underlying tissue up inside. We can leave the cups in place overtop of selected acupuncture points or move them around in a form of massage. By pulling the tissue up and tugging it, the layers of muscle and fascia are separated. This pulling  releases toxins and congestion held in the tissue. By opening the muscles and releasing tensions we allow room for blood to flow and energy to move through the  body. This will strengthen the immune system against spring colds and allergies, release pain and tightness and help clear out the winter sluggishness.

Cupping can be highly effective when dealing with new injuries and old injuries. It’s a great add on to a spring  or summer cleanse you may be thinking about and generally a great way to encourage circulation throughout the entire body.

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